High Performance Rock Lights

We Do One Thing, and We Do It Damn Well


    Crafted with pride in Keyes, California, every light we offer is meticulously assembled, tested, and packaged by hand. Our commitment to quality ensures that each product not only meets but exceeds our high standards.


    Optimized for efficiency, our lights feature a 12-28v range and a low 350mA draw, delivering a powerful 1000 Lumen output, far surpassing the usual 400-600 Lumens. Supports PWM for easy dimming and compatibility with leading controllers like Switch-Pros and sPOD. LFG sets a new standard for performance.


    Constructed for durability, our lights come with an unbeatable 10-year manufacturer warranty, covering even off-road damage to the lens or housing. Just gather the pieces, send them back, and we'll replace it—though chances are slim you'll need to. Each unit is carved from a solid billet of CNC aluminum, engineered to withstand pressures exceeding 2 tons. Built not just to last, but to endure.

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